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At Sabin Engineering, we combine innovation with world class technology, backed by 35 years of expertise in the industry to achieve customer satisfaction.

AAA Plastics sheets are manufactured using state-of-the-art German technology with virgin raw materials and a production capacity of up to 8,600 tonnes per year. Our extrusion line delivers uniform products with high precision and minimal defects at every step. Our facilities are also capable of producing high-grade optical quality sheets in specialized "clean rooms".

AAA Plastics sheets are co-extruded with a UV cap layer to block harmful UV rays and deliver long-term fade-resistance. In addition, all sheets are protected using high quality PE or paper masking to resist damage during production and transportation.

We are located in the UAE's Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, which offers excellent global connectivity by sea, land and air transport to the GCC, CIS, Asian sub-continent, parts of Africa, the Mediterranean and Europe. All our sheets are packed in pellets and wrapped with PE film for safe transportation in containers.

Our strategic location not only saves time and money, but also ensures smooth clearance and prompt delivery.

At Sabin Engineering, we bring together 100% virgin raw materials imported from the highest quality manufacturers, a team of highly skilled engineers and state-of-the-art technology to deliver sheets of superior quality. We enforce stringent quality control at every level of production to ensure that AAA Plastics sheets meet the highest standards.

Our decades of experience combined with our technical expertise ensure that we always deliver exceptional customer value.

At Sabin Engineering, we keep our promises and we're committed to delivering value at every level of our business. We go above the call of duty to understand our customers' requirements and deliver products which exceed their quality and delivery expectations.

We believe that our relationships are stronger than the chemical bonds we make.