Key markets

“We produce the finest sheets in our world-class facilities, backed by years of expertise”

Satish Gadoya, Chairman

AAA Plastics is the product of choice for the signage industry. We offer a variety of products in a range of colors, textures and sizes to meet our customers' requirements. Signboards using AAA Acrylic and Polycarbonate sheets are radiant with excellent light pass-through properties and high durability.

Our sheets can be cut or bent with ease into various designs with good surface finish, strength and longevity. Areas of application include display stands, point of sale, POP stands, tables and frames.

AAA Plastics sheets are manufactured to withstand challenging environments and are the first choice of wrought iron gate manufacturers who specialize in glazing villa gates. AAA Polycarbonate sheets are UV protected on both faces to prevent yellowing and are widely used in the Middle East.

These tough sheets are hard-wearing and resist breakage, but are still flexible enough to be cold bent into various shapes for skylights, canopies, barrel vaults, carports and walkways. AAA Plastics sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses and are widely used for noise reduction as sound barriers in busy roadways.

AAA Plastics sheets are available with high optical quality for maximum light transmittance. They are also available in various textures suitable for lamp shades in the lighting industry.

AAA Plastic sheets are thermo-formable at high temperatures and do not lose their finish or properties in the process. Our special peel-off thermo-forming grade masking film protects the strength and surface of sheets during forming to ensure perfectly formed products.

The high impact resistance and strength of AAA Plastic sheets make them ideal for use in safety gear for protection against projectiles and impact without compromising visibility. Applications include ballistic shields, helmet visors, secure glazing, car windshields and machine covers. Our sheets with high optical clarity are also used with toughened glass in bullet resistant applications.